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Odlukom Skupštine od 28.01.2015. promijenjen je naziv Hrvatsko društvo sudskih vještaka (HDSV) u Hrvatsko društvo sudskih vještaka i procjenitelja (HDSVIP).


TEGoVA General Assembly & European Valuation Conference, May 17th - 18th, Dubrovnik, Croatia

TEGoVA General Assembly & European Valuation Conference, May 17th - 18th, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The European Valuation Conference

The General Assembly was preceded on 17th May by a European Valuation Conference titled " The Role of the Expert Witness in the Valuation of Real Estate and Businesses" organised by HDSVIP.

In addition to top speakers from Albania, Canada, China, Croatia, Poland and USA, amongst the conference participants there were 12 board members of the International Institute of Business Valuation (iiBV) from Canada, China, Hong Kong, Romania, Serbia and USA, including the current and incoming Chairs of the iiBV Board of Directors, Edwina Tam and Anton Lezhja respectively. Also speaking and participating was the Secretary General of the International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS), Bob Bracketfrom the USA. The President, Peter McLean, Vice President, Thomas Fox, and CEO, Keith Lancastle of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) also delivered a presentation. Following the conference the iiBV held their board meeting coinciding with the first meeting of TEGoVA's European Business Valuation Standards Committee chaired by Danijela Ilić. A TEGoVA delegation, headed by Chairman Krzysztof Grzesik met with the iiBV Board to discuss future co-operation between the respective organisations.

The General Assembly

The delegates deliberated on a number of current valuation issues including an easier to translate definition of market value, a new definition of highest and best use/hope value, insurable value, the use of automated valuation models and data protection (GDPR). Also a number of presentations were delivered as follows:

  1. Bernhard Bischoff (BVS) - GDPR Guidelines for valuers
  2. Michael MacBrien (TEGoVA Adviser) - Valuation Provisions of Covered Bonds Directive and Mortgage Credit Directive
  3. Ben Bervoets (NCREA) - Dutch Regulation/Guidelines for Use of AVM Based Valuations for Mortgage Loan Initiations
  4. Peter MacLean (President Appraisal Institute of Canada) - Green Valuation - A Canadian Perspective
  5. Danijela Ilić ( Chair European Business Valuation Standards Committee) - Progress report on European Business Valuation Standards 2020
  6. Michael Reinberg (Chairman European Valuation Standards Board) - Progress report on European Valuation Standards 2020
  7. Philippe Guillerm (Chairman European Valuation Practice and Methodology Board - Update on Methodology Chapter for EVS 2020


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